star count and eclipse party

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: star count and eclipse party
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 06:49:23 -0400

Another good resource for the star counting activity is the Live from the
Stratosphere Teacher's guide. There is a great activity sheet, and I think
that is the same one posted on the web site.

Star count when moon is full ???

I think it was Charles who wrote
>> the sky. It's a great lesson! I'm having my kids do 2 counts, one when the
>> moon is full, the next during totality. Maybe we can share data afterwards?

I would like to join you all but I have one question. And remember I am the
newbie to astronomy so ,,,,,,,Can you do a star count when the moon is
full? Won't the light of the full moon block out most of the stars?? And
perhaps this is the purpose of doing the star count then??I realize you are
probably going to do the comparison of full moon versus eclipse and the
effect of light on star count...Am I right in thinking that??? I just want
to make sure I am understanding this correctly!!