Name the activity contest

From: Marc Siegel - NASA K-12 IITA Program <>
Subject: Name the activity contest
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 23:44:35 -0700 (PDT)

Hello there,
I think that the discuss-lfm teachers are way more creative then
me and mine. So here's a challenge if you choose.  The Collaborative
Activity needs a catchy name.  And I'm fresh out.  So I'm seeking 
ideas and suggestions.  Please email direct to me, and I'll take the
list of names to the LFM Big Cheese council for a decision.  As an
incentive, I will send a gift pack of NASA lithographs to the person
who comes up with the winner.

You may recall the Collaborative Activity as described in the
recent LFM #2 Updates message.  But if you missed it, I'll detail
the activity at the end of this message.

Thanks in advance,
Your network pal, Marc


Preview of the collaborative activity

Here is a preview of upcoming Live From Mars activities involving
students collaborating with one another. The full details will be
available within the next few weeks.

The activity involves having students simulate the activities of the
Pathfinder team.  Roughly sketched out:
 - in October, students brainstorm in their classrooms what
   common/inexpensive tools they would place in a shoebox to
   measure their local environment
 - Nov 1 - Nov 15 they share their ideas online
 - Nov 15 until Christmas break, the students will debate online the
   relative merits of various tools to include.  At the conclusion, we
   reach consensus on a uniform instrument package.
 - During the break, Santa Claus (or Hanukah Harry, etc) delivers the
   goods to classrooms; resourceful teachers may have to step in also.
 - January is spent measuring local environments with the agreed
   upon tools
- February we share the collective data online; a few select locations
   are designated Mystery Spots.  A contest is held to determine the
   location of these Mystery Spots.

So that is the basic plan.  More details will be forthcoming shortly.