Shuttle Launch

From: David Eggebrecht <>
Subject: Shuttle Launch
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 20:51:29 +0000

The Shuttle Atlantis (STS-79) is scheduled to launch Monday morning. 
This will be a good opportunity to practice latitude and longitude with 
your students.  You can get real time data continuously during the 
mission. The data is updated every 60 sec.  If you have a computer in 
your room with web access and a large world map, try plotting the 
location of the shuttle for 15 minutes. I have the students place small 
stickers on our large map every minute.

Can you calculate the speed of the shuttle?

Can you predict its trajectory for the next 15 minutes?

Why does it take a "funny" looking path?

Here are some links:

Atlantis Home Page

Real Time sounds from Atlantis (Real Audio)

Real Time Data (including latitude and longitude)

View the Shuttle from the ground

Dave Eggebrecht
Lance Jr. High
Kenosha, WI