Re: Sky Watch'97, etc.

From: (Jan Wee)
Subject: Re: Sky Watch'97, etc.
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 1996 09:03:32 -0500

Dear discuss-lfm members,

Wow... I just picked up a copy of Sky Watch '97 and it is 
EXCELLENT as Marilyn Wall shared....

>Anyway....I just received Sky Watch'97 published by Sky and Telescope. I
>realize most of you subscribe to these publications, but to any newbies to
>astronomy like me what a great issue. First there is wonderful  article
>entitled "Glorious Images from the Hubble". There's also a wonderful
>article on how to start out right in astronomy, great article to share with
>parents and students. And with that article is a section on choosing
>binoculars etc. ALso great article on this year's comet shows.

There are monthly star charts showing when you can observe Mars 
and a great section on World Wide Web sites.  I picked it up
at the local Barnes and Noble for $4.95 -- a real bargain.

I also picked up my copies of the Kim Stanley Robinson series...
Theresa Hall and Ken Edgett's input motivated me to get the
series and dig in. Thanks for sharing your input!!

By the way.... have any of the middle-high school folks read the
short story by Ray Bradbury entitled "The Other Foot"  ---- Here's
the annotation.... American blacks, settled on Mars after centuries 
of abuse on earth, have a chance for revenge when a space ship 
bearing a white man arrives seeking help in the aftermath of World 
War III.  Sounds like a short story that would provoke some interesting
discussion.  Input? 

Jan Wee

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