Red, Green, Blue Mars

From: (Ken Edgett)
Subject: Red, Green, Blue Mars
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 10:21:53 -0700 (MST)

I am nearing the end of "Blue Mars," the last in the "Mars" trilogy
by Kim Stanley Robinson (it was publ. in July 96).  

In some ways I find the stories (all 3 books) kind of drawn-out and
at places dull (a friend said it was like describing every detail of
how to fix the engine in your car).  

But what I find most magical about the novels is the realization that
when people start going to Mars, the planet *will* change.  For better
or worse, if people go, changes to the planet will occur, not matter
how hard we try not to, or vice versa.

There is a school in North Carolina that uses the political themese
of "Reds" vs. "Greens" (adapted from "RED MARS") as part of their
cross-disciplinary treatment of Mars in the school.  They even do
a mock town-hall-like meeting to discuss the future of their martian
colony.  I am not sure if these folks are on the lfm listserve yet
(speak up, if you are, Tom!).

Ken Edgett
Arizona Mars K-12