Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

Subject: Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 00:14:14 -0400

In response to your comment about Red Mars by K.S. Robinson, I have read
about 2/3 of the book so far.  I found it to be an exciting story of mars
colonization, beginning with the first settlement of 100 scientists, doctors,
engineers, biologists, geologists, etc.  The first few chapters describe the
9 month journey, the next several describe the building of habitats and
exploration of Mars (by rovers).  Then as the years pass, other groups are
sent representing various countries and factions who begin their even more
advanced settlements in different parts of Mars.  A running theme throughout
the book is the conflict between the various colonists as well as with Terran
government about terraforming Mars.  Terraforming inevitably begins and as
the process is stepped up, there are cases of sabotage.  

The book is written well and Mars images and geography truly come to life as
the colonists explore the planet.  I had planned on reading excerpts from the
book, as there are passages which I don't feel are appropriate for my
students age group (5th and 6th); i.e. description of "adult relationships"
in detail.  However, I feel the author's imagination far exceeds my own and I
would love to share it with my students.  It is well worth reading - I gained
an even better understanding of the Mars terrain and the ethical question of
terrforming.  I would definitely recommend it for teachers only though.