Sky Watch'97

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: Sky Watch'97
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 17:41:04 -0400

Hi Everyone,

Keeping my fingers crossed that this message makes it.....
local Internet provider has been experiencing problems with our email etc
as a result of the flood damage. Service is very erractic to say the
least.. Yesterday was our first day back to school,and  it was quite moving
to hear their stories. Yesterday I sent a message out describing our first
day back and my students comments. My students were very impressed and
touched with your messages of concern.

Anyway....I just received Sky Watch'97 published by Sky and Telescope. I
realize most of you subscribe to these publications, but to any newbies to
astronomy like me what a great issue. First there is wonderful  article
entitled "Glorious Images from the Hubble". There's also a wonderful
article on how to start out right in astronomy, great article to share with
parents and students. And with that article is a section on choosing
binoculars etc. ALso great article on this year's comet shows.

Right now I am off to my "Science for Elementary Teachers" workshop and
tonight's topic is "technology ". We are supposed to describe the
technologies used in the classroom. And my slant will be different than
most because it is through technology/telecommunications that I have been
drawn into the world of science....And of course as part of my presentation
tonight, I have my flyers and materials ready for LFM.

Marilyn Wall,
here in the Shenandoah Valley