Re: Presentation Materials on their way

From: Renee Crawley <>
Subject: Re: Presentation Materials on their way
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 22:04:37 -0500 (CDT)

Hello Jan,
IT ARRIVED!!!! Thank you.  Jan, I think that Ken Edgett's k-12 
Educational supplement should be listed.Ken talked about it I believe on 
LFM discuss.  It is wonderful!  Also he's 
picked up where MARSLINK left off.  He has the Red Planet COnnection 
quarterly newsletter that is K-2, 3-5, or 6-8.  It has activities and 
information on the solar system, red planet, and global surveyor.  It is 
well done.  For more info contact Tricia Dieck at (602) 965-1788 or email  A one year subscription Sept. Nov. Jan. and March 
inclludes 30 copies of student edition and 1 teachers edition. (only one 
edition is available per subscription.  In other words you can't order 15 
k-2 and 15 3-5 etc.He also has T.E.S. News (thermal Emission Spectrometer 
Project).  Put out by Arizona State University.It's approximately 8 page 
newspaper with photos and info about the surveyor and pathfinder.It 
includes a Mars Reading List.  Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program Dept. 
of Geology, Box 871404 Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona 85287-1404 
U.S.A.Also we saw "the rock" under a microscope.  That was "way cool" as 
my kids say.Dr. Allen Treiman from Lunar Planetary Institute 3600 Bay 
Area Boulevard Houston, Texas 77058-1113.  They have a publication called 
Exploring Mars:1996.  Their URL for that publication is is listed for grades 8 and 
up.  It has activities also.  LPI has a URL  
There is a book for very young children called A TRIP TO 
MARS.  It is delightful, EASY reading for like K-2.  I can't remember the 
author right now, but I'll write it down at school tomorrow.  
Our kids loved it and we talked about what they would have to take with 
them on a trip to mars.  It's cute, but also gets the kids 
Right now we're working on the Moon because we're going to have an 
Eclipse PArty at my school for our families, and we've invited 
Michael's staff and his class with their families.  We will be 
attending the DPS Everyone teaches everyone learns workshop at the 
University of Arizona with Larry Lebofsky.  This is a workshop 
with scientists and educators meeting for 1 1/2 days working on 
curriculum.  This is Oct. 21-22.  We're very excited about that!
I guess that's about all for right now.
Thanks again for the materials!  We're anxious to get our first 
workshop over with!  The first is always the worst.  Did I tell 
you we've been invited the the National Teachers Training 
Institute at ASU to present in Nov.  Isn't that cool?
Talk with you soon.
Renee, Michael, 3B and Ted E.---------- 
Renee Crawley