Re-post: Red Rover Tech Assistance and more

From: (Jan Wee)
Subject: Re-post: Red Rover Tech Assistance and more
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 1996 14:30:33 -0500

Dear Educators,

Sorry about that horrid formatting on that last posting.  I switched over to
a different mail program and some glitchy text formatting resulted.  

Here we go again...


Dear Educators,

So much interest has been generated in Red Rover Project that you might
appreciate having a contact for your *technical* questions   (equipment requirements,
Internet connectivity, various participation levels, etc.     The person to contact
is named Thad Coffing and his email address is <>   That is a letter "l" NOT a
number one!

I have also asked The Planetary Society to send me an electronic file
describing key info on the Red Rover project.  When I have that in hand, I will share it with
the list.

By the way, I should introduce myself to those of you on the discuss-lfm
mail list.... I am the Education Outreach Coordinator for the Passport to Knowledge projects.
We are beginning to really gear up now that school is back in swing.  You may come across our
Passport to Knowledge '96-'97 Projects Invitation which is just this week being placed on many
educational listservs, ejournals, and newsgroups pertaining to K-12, astronomy, science education,
etc.  If you need a copy to share with colleagues, let me know!
I would like to officially welcome all of you to the Live From Mars project
and to this teacher discussion list.   Marc Siegel, NASA K-12 Internet Initiative, and
myself do the moderating/hosting of the lists and are here to assist as needed.  Our web
site for Live from Mars is rapidly expanding and will be ready for public viewing shortly.  We
are also working hard to finalize the Teacher's Guide and Kit ( a new multi-media option) for
Live From Mars. Ordering information will be posted in the upcoming updates-lfm mail list.
(Be sure you are subscribed!  Send a message to   Leave
the subject blank.  In the message body, write:  subscribe updates-lfm)

If you have not introduced yourself and are new to the discuss-lfm list, I
encourage you to share a brief introduction and let us know who you are, where you
teach/work, and your interests and what you hope to  receive (and share)  from this forum! 

Looking forward to working with all of you!

         Jan Wee

Jan Wee, Education Outreach Coordinator
Passport to Knowledge
Voice: 608-786-2767  (8am-4pm Central time)   Fax: 608-786-1819