Another Resource

From: Barbara Weimann <72437.2024@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Another Resource
Date: 02 Sep 96 11:48:54 EDT

Dear Roger,
THanks so much for the ASP addresses.
I just visited the ASP site.  I'd been there a looooong time ago, but not at
all recently.  I was tickled to find out that they have stuff translated into
Spanish for my ESL students, AND  into Chinese for my new Chinese students.
NOW, the only problem is that the Chinese is unitelligible to me because it is
in a code which must be DEcoded.  THey say to use the Traditional BIG5 mode to
decode it.

  Do you or ANYONE ELSE here on our discuss list know what BIG5 is
or where I can get it?

I sent them an email, but don't know if it will be fruitful.

Ordinarily I make my students struggle with everything in English.  It's hard
on them but it's very productive.  I only use Spanish with them to explain
grammatical info, etc to get them going in English more quickly.  However, due
to the difficulty of scientific info, I think it would be expeditious to let
then read some basic stuff in their own language. Especially since I'm getting
a girl from Mexico who is "classified," and I"m also getting some new zero
Chinese students.

I have d/led the CuSeeMe program, unzipped, and installed it.  I didn't pick up
my Connectix camera, will do it this week, but thought I'd see what happened if
I tried to connect to the test site.  It just told me that there were too many
lurkers and to try later, but I'm happy I got that far and could get a look at
the sound control box, chat box etc.  When I get my camera, I'd appreciate it
if you could test with me, when you are not too busy.   I can't wait.<G>
School starts tomorrow, and I'm getting a new PC.
I'm also going to be able to share/participate in Red Rover with our indust.
arts/technology class downstairs, so I'm very pleased about that.  Are you
doing that too?  Barb in NJ