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Subject: Apple News - 8/4/96
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>From: (Cheryl A. Taniguchi)
>Subject: Apple News - 8/4/96
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>>Subject: Apple News - 8/4/96
>>o  Netscape and Apple Announce Plans for OpenDoc/CyberDog ver. of Netscape
>>o  One Thousand Imagine II Videos Available at No Charge to Educators
>>o  Time, Inc. and Apple Computer On-Line Lesson Plan Contest For Educators
>>o  CyberSurfari 96 Is The Biggest Adventure In Cyberspace
>>o  Apple Awards 25 Millionth Macintosh to Boston School
>>o  Apple Sponsors National Essay Contest for High School Students
>>o Netscape and Apple Announce Plans to Develop Netscape Navigator for Apple's
>>  Cyberdog Technologies and OpenDoc Architecture
>>On August 27, 1996, Apple Computer, Inc. and Netscape Communications
>>Corporation announced that they have signed an agreement for Netscape to
>>develop a new version of Netscape Navigator that supports Cyberdog, Apple's
>>Internet suite; and OpenDoc, the open-component architecture. Netscape will
>>develop a custom component specifically for the Apple Cyberdog Internet suite
>>called Netscape Navigator for Cyberdog.
>>In addition, Apple will distribute Netscape Navigator for Cyberdog with
>>its Mac
>>OS, as the default-browsing component for Cyberdog. Apple's plans also
>>call for
>>the product to be incorporated with the Mac OS in Apple computers.
>>o One Thousand Imagine II Videos Available at No Charge to Educators
>>Apple is kicking off the school year by offering a set of Imagine II videos to
>>the first 1000 educators that call 1-800-800-APPL (2775). After the 1000 sets
>>have been given away, we will be selling the set of six Imagine II shows for
>>$59.99 plus tax and shipping via 1-800-800-APPL.
>>These are available to educators only, not the general public.
>>o Time, Inc. and Apple Computer On-Line Lesson Plan Contest For Educators
>>Apple customers can win an expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. by entering
>>their multimedia or Internet lesson plan. The contest will start on September
>>1, 1996 and end on October 31, 1996.
>>In 300 words or less, describe your most innovative and creative multimedia or
>>Internet lesson plan. The plan should utilize one or more of the following:
>>graphics, video, or audio on a computer.
>>Entrants need to include the following information in the 300 word essay:
>>  1. Goals of the lesson plan
>>  2. How teacher and student(s) were involved with the technology during the
>>     lesson
>>  3. Compare how this lesson was completed in the past without using
>>     computers, to how this lesson was completed using computers.
>>Entrants need to provide the following information:
>>  1. Teacher name
>>  2. Address/Name of School/School District
>>  3. Daytime phone number
>>  4. Grade level
>>  5. Subject(s)
>>  6. Hardware and software used in the lesson
>>We will break the program out into three judging categories by grade level:
>>K-2, 3-6, and 7-12.
>>  1. Ideas need to be uniquely different, creative, and innovative.
>>  2. Project must show how technology made ordinary learning extraordinary.
>>  3. How well did this lesson plan improve teaching and learning from previous
>>     methods of teaching/learning?
>>  4. Must be a good use of technology for both teacher and student(s).
>>Apple Distinguished Educators will judge the top 10 finalists in each category
>>to determine the winners.
>>The three winners and their guests will receive and expense-paid, news-tour
>>trip to Washington, D.C. starting Saturday, April 12 through Tuesday,
>>April 15,
>>1997. The winners will receive "per diem" for expenses.
>>Refer to the Apple education Web page <> to see
>>banners promoting the contest, information about the contest, and a
>>direct link
>>to the Time Teaching & Technology Web site at <> when
>>the site is available.
>>Conquer The CyberJungle -  Win Treasures
>>CyberSurfari 96 Is The Biggest Adventure In Cyberspace -- And It's Coming To A
>>Computer Near You!
>>(Washington, DC -- August 22, 1996) -- Take groups of students with a
>>computer, add a treasure hunt packed with hidden clues and links to intriguing
>>Web sites, mix in large scoops of resourcefulness to navigate the tricky
>>territory of the Internet and, presto, it's a perfect recipe for hours of
>>educational fun and enjoyment for teachers, students and families alike.
>>The countdown is on for the World Wide Web's most exciting - and largest -
>>interactive adventure: CyberSurfari '96.  Launched by the Software Publishers
>>Association (SPA) in 1995, the contest that had thousands of students,
>>teachers and families huddled around computers is back for its second year -
>>bigger and better than ever.  This year, the proud co-host of the trek through
>>cyberspace is one of the Internet's most innovative and creative companies:
>>Yahoo! featuring the Yahooligans! Web Site For Kids.
>>Together,  co-hosts Yahoo! and SPA - along with Apple Computer, Compaq
>>Computer, Disney Online, Houghton Mifflin Interactive (HMI), Microsoft
>>Corporation, Netcom and Technology & Learning Magazine - will house clues
>>leading to more than 100 "outposts" or destination sites.  CyberSurfari '96
>>begins on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 3 p.m. (EDT) and lasts one month. Over the
>>course of the contest, cyber adventurers, both school teams and individuals,
>>will have a chance to win thousands of prizes, including over $50,000 in cash,
>>hardware and software, 5,000 T-shirts and 5,000 certificates of completion.
>>CyberSurfari '96 is open to teacher-supervised school teams, family groups and
>>individuals, all of whom have the opportunity to win prizes either by
>>completing the clues the fastest or through a weighted random drawing at the
>>end of the contest - solving more clues increases the chance of winning. SPA
>>provides lesson plans on its home page for educators wishing to incorporate
>>CyberSurfari in their school curriculum.
>>CyberSurfari '96 Is Coming!
>> With a "two thumbs up" from the thousands of students, teachers, individuals
>>and families who successfully navigated last year's trek, CyberSurfari '96 is
>>the coolest adventure - and the most rewarding - on the World Wide Web this
>>year.  All CyberSurfari adventurers are certain to find their treasure in the
>>discovery and exploration of some of the richest outposts in the CyberJungle.
>>For further information on how to participate in CyberSurfari '96, access
>>SPA's home page at, use Yahoo!, or contact Sara White at
>>SPA on (202) 452-1600, ext. 343 or via e-mail at
>>Apple Awards 25 Millionth Macintosh
>>     Apple recently marked an important event in the company's history,
>>     the shipment of the 25 millionth Macintosh!
>>     Since Macs are shared by several users on average, it is estimated
>>     that there are now more than 60 million Mac users in the world.
>>     The 25 millionth Mac, a new Macintosh Performa 6400/200 signed by
>>     Steve Wozniak, was on display in the Apple booth before Gil Amelio
>>     gave it away onstage at the Apple keynote. The magic Mac, plus
>>     Apple's 10 millionth printer, a color StyleWriter, were presented
>>     to the journalism program at English High School in Jamaica Plain,
>>     Boston. Students there have proposed to publish their yearbook on
>>     CD-ROM, their school newspaper on the Web and participate in video
>>     conferencing programs with the University of Massachusetts. Deputy
>>     Superintendent of Schools Janice Jackson accepted the Mac on the
>>     school's behalf.
>>     But wait, there's more! In addition to the 25 millionth Mac, Gil
>>     suprised the audience by awarding Macintosh system 25,000,001 to a
>>     lucky member of the crowd. Attendees were given pins at the door
>>     which read, "25,000,000 Strong!" and to the back of one lone pin,
>>     a red dot had been affixed. Kim Miller of Virginia was the winner;
>>     she received a handshake and certificate on stage.
>>Apple Sponsors National Essay Contest for High School Students
>>Win a College Scholarship
>>Win a Cool Apple PowerBook
>>Get to go to Washington, D.C.
>>Announcing National Essay Contest for High School Students
>>The National Endowment for the Humanities and Voice of America national essay
>>contest for 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students provides the opportunity to
>>write an essay and the chance to win a grand prize--a colored Apple PowerBook
>>laptop computer and a $5,000 college scholarship. The finalists will win
>>a trip
>>to Washington, D.C. to read their essay.
>>Essay Topic Background:
>>As a young man, George Washington copied 110 "Rules of Civility and Decent
>>Behavior in Company and Conversation" into a memorandum book. He carried this
>>book throughout his life, and strived to live in accordance with its ideals of
>>duty, honor, and justice.
>>Essay Question:  "How do the ideals of duty, honor, and justice, which guided
>>George Washington in the 1790s, shape your life and the lives of those around
>>you in the 1990s?"
>>Essay Deadline:  Student entries must be postmarked no later than November 20,
>>More About the Contest:  Call 800-NEH-1121
>Cheryl A. Taniguchi, Ed.D.
>Internet Specialist, MCET
>Phone:  (617) 252-5700 ext. 743