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From: (Charles F. Lindgren)
Subject: Online Teacher Resources
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 15:40:39 +0100

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>Subject: Online Teacher Resources
>     Connections+ consists of Internet resources--lesson plans,
>     activities, curriculum resources--linked with corresponding
>     subject area content standards. Also included in these resource
>     packages are other links to assist teachers, such as a direct
>     link to the Lycos search engine.  Connections+ now has over 45
>     resources packages and is growing almost daily.  Here's a sample
>     (and my personal favorite):
>                               Connections+ | Science
>Online Resources:
>     Evidence of Primitive Life from Mars
>A NASA research team of scientists at the Johnson Space Center and at
>Stanford University has found evidence that strongly suggests primitive life
>may have existed on Mars more than 3.6 billion years ago. This NASA site
>includes a press release, videos, photos, and information about Mars
>     Signs of Past Life on Mars?
>This site includes the full text Science research article: "Search for Past
>Life on Mars: Possible Relic Biogenic Activity in Martian Meteorite
>ALH84001" by David S. McKay, Everett K. Gibson Jr., Kathie L. Thomas-Keprta,
>Hojatollah Vali, Christopher S. Romanek, Simon J. Clemett, Xavier D. F.
>Chillier, Claude R. Maechling, Richard N. Zare.
>     Mars Meteorite Home Page
>"Of the 20,000 meteorites that have been discovered on Earth, only 12 have
>been identified as originating from the planet Mars. These rare meteorites
>have recently created a stir throughout the world when NASA announced that
>evidence of microfossils may be present in one of these Mars meteorites."
>     Life on Mars
>This Federation of American Scientists site is tracking new and breaking
>developments related to the possible discovery of life on Mars.
>     The Nine Planets - Mars
>All about the fourth rock from the Sun.
>     Views from the Solar System
>Lots more about the fourth rock.
>     Life in the Universe Curriculum Project
>The lessons, activities, and experiments teach standard science concepts in
>the context of questions about the nature of life, its possible presence
>elsewhere in the universe, and the physical/chemical settings provided by
>space, planets, and stars, and within which other life might be sought.
>     Live from Mars Project
>"In 1996 NASA will launch two missions to Mars. The Mars Global Surveyor
>spacecraft will launch in November and will arrive about 9 months later to
>begin an orbital mission which will provide detailed mapping and weather
>information. The Mars Pathfinder spacecraft will launch in December and will
>land on the Red Planet on July 4, 1997. Once landed, the mission plan calls
>for a micro-rover named Sojourner to begin wandering the Martian terrain,
>returning a wealth of new science data. By participating in Live from Mars,
>you and your students can travel along!"
>Related Content Standards:
>Science Standard 3
>     Understands essential ideas about the composition and structure of the
>     universe and the Earth's place in it
>Science Standard 4
>     Knows about the diversity and unity that characterize life
>Science Standard 10
>     Understands basic concepts about the structure and properties of matter
>Science Standard 14
>     Understands the nature of scientific knowledge
>Science Standard 15
>     Understands the nature of scientific inquiry
>Science Standard 18
>     Understands the interactions of science, technology and society
>Other Resources:
>Educational Standards and Curriculum Frameworks for Science
>     An annotated listing of Science standards--by organization and state.
>     A list of hotlinks to online Science resources.
>Technology in Education
>     Find resources related to the use of the Internet and other
>     technologies in the classroom--categories include funding,
>     organizations, and research articles.
>Perform your own Lycos search for Science resources. See Search Help if
>you need assistance.
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>Therese Sarah