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The EduCenter Journal
The Official Publication of the TalkCity Education Center
Serving parents, educators, and students of the online community.
Volume 1, Number 9
September, 1996

In this Issue:

*Hosts Needed
*Web Pals and Student Live Chat
*Letters Conference
*"Who Elects the President"
*EduCenter Conference Highlights- October, 96
*Getting Connected to the EduCenter
*Editor's Notes

Hosts Needed

The EduCenter, ParentChat, and YouthOnline forums are looking
for innovative, friendly folks to join our EduCenter team. If you
or someone you know is knowledgable in topics that are of interest
to educators, parents or students, and has a gift for gab,
please contact DebbieCCC@talkcity.com for more details on becoming
an EduCenter Staff member.

Web Pals and Student Live Chat

Many of you have contacted us regarding matching your class
with Web Pals or Net Pals for interactive chat. The exciting part
is that we have requests from all over the world! The Talk City
EduCenter can help you arrange these technological interactions
for your classes. Our Web Pals program will assist you in finding
other classes to correspond with via email. We also
can assist with bringing classes together for open discussion,
special projects, and hosted conferences.

Right now we have classes in every time zone just waiting to
find a class to work with in Talk City. We can furnish private
meeting areas, and moderated "adult supervised" conferences
in order to keep the online exposure a safe and fun experience
for all involved.

If you are interested in Web Pals, contact JanisCCC@talkcity.com
or CCCat@talkcity.com.

For Live Chat opportunities, contact DebbieCCC@talkcity.com

Letters Conference

Thursday, October 3, 1996 7:00pm PT #EduCenter

Letters tell a lot about us as people, as a civilization, as a
sign of the times. The chat is based on an online magazine
called Letters, published by Chris Ott. LETTERS MAGAZINE aims
to publish interesting correspondence of all kinds.

The October issue of LETTERS Magazine, dedicated to Presidents,
 Prime Ministers, and Politicians, is now available at

Join us for our live chat based on the content of the October issue.
For more information regarding Letters Magazine Conferences at
TalkCity, please contact DianeCCC@Talkcity.com.


The EduCenter has joined forces with the folks from Ingenius to
bring the JAMZ web site to "live chat" in Talk City. JAMZ is a 24 hour
online clubhouse designed for kids 8-14 years of age. The JAMZ chat
areas are broken into 6 main categories; The Know Zone, Sportz,
Gamez and Online, Artz and Entertainment, Science and Stuff,
and Global Update.

Beginning October 1st, Talk City EduCenter and Youth Online staff
will be hosting a series of one hour chats that fit with the JAMZ
core topics. Check out the JAMZ web site at
 http://www.jamz.com for all the details!

The schedule for these conferences is as follows.

*Thursday/Music Happenings/ 4:00-5:00pm PT
*Friday/ Gaming Central /5:00-6:00pm PT
*Saturday:/TV Tune In /8:00-9:00am PT
*Saturday/ Web Chat /5:00-6:00pm PT
*Sunday/Football Huddle/3:00-4:00pm PT

Youth Election Alliance 96 "Who Elects the President"

According to the US Census Bureau, 45% of persons 18 years
of age reported voting in the 1994 U.S. national congressional
elections. This data suggests that an interest in the democratic
voting process must be encouraged in today's students=tomorrow's
voters and decision makers.

"Who Elects the President" is designed to:

*Involve students in the democratic voting process with a classroom
or school balloting for US President/Vice President.

*Determine how balloting outcomes compare from an announced
optional balloting and an unannounced mandatory balloting.

*Provide relevant data for analysis by students.

*Promote informed voting by providing online political resources
and an evaluation checklist.

*Encourage critical thinking regarding the democratic voting
 process by providing data and questions to consider for discussion
and writing.

*Provide cross-curricular election-related activities

The Talk City EduCenter and Youth Online forums will be joining
the efforts of YEA96 to provide a series of live chats for program
participants and interested parties. For more information on how
your class can participate check out the Who Elects the President
web Site located at,
or contact Nancy Schubert, program coordinator at schubert@minn.net.

EduCenter Conference Highlights- October, 96

The EduCenter, ParentChat and YouthOnline channels host more
than 65 conferences each month to offer you a wide variety of
education and parenting related discussion topics. To see a complete
 listing of our live events, check out our Events Calendar at
http://www.talkcity.com/educenter/events or use Talk City's
"What's on Now" calendar located at the TalkCity web site at

Here's a sampling of some of the EduCenter events for October.
We hope you will join us!

Technology in Education/6pm PT /#EduCenter
Military Family Chat /7pm PT /#ParentChat

Topics in Education /6pm PT /#EduCenter
Parent Issues /7pm PT /#ParentChat

Open Chat /6pm PT/ #EduCenter
Parents for Quality Education /7pm PT /#ParentChat

EduChat /6pm PT/ #EduCenter

EduIssues/ 6pm PT/ #EduCenter
Friday Night at YouthOnline/ 7:30 pm PT/ #YouthOnline

Saturday Night Special/ 7:30pm PT/ #YouthOnline

Reboot Trivia Game/ 6pm PT/#YouthOnline

Getting Connected to the EduCenter

Getting connected to the EduCenter is now EZ!

Talk City introduces EZ Talk, a java based chat client you can
locate straight from the Talk City web site. Just point your internet
browser to http://www.talkcity.com and select either the EZ Talk
connection method or the Global Chat method to join one of the
Talk City Towntalk rooms.

To find the EduCenter, ParentChat, or YouthOnline channels
you can type /list for a view of available channels,
or type /join #channelname to enter.

If you get to Talk City and can't find our road signs,
ask any of our CCC's (City Conference Crew) who will be more
than happy to help you find your way.

 Editor's Notes

Please send any comments, questions, or criticisms to
Debbie Blailock, DebbieCCC@talkcity.com

EduCenter, ParentChat, and YouthOnline staff will process
each letter and respond in future issues of the EduCenter Journal,
or reply personally by email.  Your feedback is appreciated
and encouraged.

The EduCenter Journal is sent to multiple recipients each month.
If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, or are receiving
multiple copies, please notify DebbieCCC@talkcity.com

Thank you for your support of this and other Talk City Forums.
See you in the "CITY"!