Canadian National Marsville Program

From: Sheila Rhodes <>
Subject: Canadian National Marsville Program
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 12:24:19 -0400


The purpose of the Canadian National Marsville Program is to create a
positive vision for young Canadians of the technological society they
will inherit in the 21st century. The program shows students how they
can play a role in establishing the kind of society they want for the
future. Marsville has been designed for students in Grades 6, 7 and 8.
While the primary educational thrust of Marsville is math, science and
technology, the project uses a cross-curricular, holistic approach
integrating various disciplines. The program is one of a series of
educational activities sponsored by Challenger Center for Space Science
Education, an organization founded by the family members of the
Challenger 51-L crew. 

This program is run simultaneously in 8 cities across Canada.  Students
will be from the Vancouver area, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Windsor (French
school board), Toronto, Ottawa (bilingual), Montreal (bilingual) and
Fredericton.  On April 26, 1997, these students will go to a local
location for their link-up activities.  All sites will communicate via
videoconferencing equipment and have the opportunity to discuss their
plans with each other and members of the Canadian Astronaut Program.

Materials, Methods and Mentors

To prepare for the Marsville program, teachers are provided with a
comprehensive resource package, a videotape, curriculum materials and
activities and Internet links. Volunteer mentors from Spar Aerospace,
the Canadian Space Agency and other engineering and space-related firms
work directly in the classroom with students and teachers. Some mentors
also provide on-line suport for the development of the Mars colonies. We
are looking for professionals, student teachers and other interested
participants to work with us as on-line mentors.  These mentors can be
from any world-wide location!

Teacher Workshops

A full day workshop will be held in the Fall for all Marsville teachers.
These workshops will be held locally in each of the eight cities
involved in the CNM program. At that time, teachers will be introduced
to the curiculum and provided with all the necessary background. Time
will be spent on acquiring the appropriate Internet skills to ensure all
students are able to communicate electronically throughout the program.
Dates for these workshops are:
Ottawa - Nov. 9
Toronto - Nov. 16
Windsor - Nov. 23
Fredericton - Nov. 30
Saskatoon - Dec. 7
Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver - TBA

Phase One - Preparation for Mars 

Marsville encompasses educational activities inside and outside the
classroom. Students are assigned roles within the context of the larger
Martian settlement. Mission teams solve simulation-based problems using
the Marsville curriculum. Each mission team is partnered with two teams
from nearby schools. These teams comprise a Habitat Crew, communicating
with each other through written and electronic means only. The Habitat
Crew is responsible for cooperatively designing and constructing the
systems and habitats that will house them on Mars.
Lessons address: 
- the difficulty of pioneering, historically and in the future 
- the responsible use of Martian resources 
- building habitats based on the Martian environment and human needs 
- working on Mars conducting scientific experiments and developing
engineering prototypes 

Throughout the activities, the program focusses on materials relevant to
Canada's role in the exploration and development of space and
communication technologies. Canada's vital position in space robotics,
remote sensing and Earth monitoring are emphasized. This stage lasts
approximately 6-8 weeks. 

PhaseTwo - Link-Up Day

On April 26, 1997, all the mission teams in each of the Canadian sites
will gather to construct their own Marsville Cosmic Village. In each
area, habitat crews meet for the construction of their habitats at a
link-up site. Crews set up their physical solutions to the specific
Martian biological or social systems previously assigned to them.
Students share their problem-solving strategies, success and challenges,
and work on their final project - the governance of Marsville, the
Cosmic Village. 

For further information, please contact Sheila Rhodes
( or at 416-966-3424 x 622. This program will also
serve as a model for issuing student accounts on the Education Network
of Ontario.  Participating classes will be able to acquire individual
student logins on our service.  Students from across Canada as well as
mentors will be given accounts and will communicate in special student
conference areas to be established.

Here is my address:
Sheila Rhodes,
The Education Network of Ontario,
1260 Bay Street, Suite 700,
Toronto, M5R 2B5.
Phone - 416-966-3424 x 622
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