From: (Rowan, Chris)
Subject: Stuff
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 07:10:36 +0000

Hi everyone,

I have read the messages regarding Red Rover with great interest, and am
trying to get our district Tech Coordinator interested as well.  I
particularly liked the idea of having a robotics competition, sort of like
the one hosted by MIT each year.  I plan to present info about Red Rover to
the School Board next month.

I have not heard anything new regarding PBS.  I don't know whether or not we
will get the LFM broadcasts live, recorded, or at all.  Acquisition of a
satellite dish and receiver for our school is in some sort of beurocratic
limbo, and we're no closer to a LAN with Internet connectivity than we were
five years ago.  

In other news, I was moved from my old classroom with two phone lines to a
"Multi-Purpose Room" with no phone lines.  The new room is twice as large as
my old one, which is nice, but I really miss the phone lines.  I'm supposed
to get a phone line sometime soon, but I have a feeling that "soon" may
translate to "weeks."  Once all the dusts settles, the new room will be
great because I moved the simulator in there, too.  

I have to rebuild the simulator from the ground up, which isn't altogether
bad.  I had been meaning to make improvements for some time, and now I HAVE
to.  I have also been assured that the room is mine for as long as I want,
which means that I won't be asked to move again (knock wood).  There are
bars on the windows for added security, too, so I don't worry as much.  And
there's so much 
R  O  O  M .

I have enough room for my class, the simulator, and a Red Rover setup.  BUT,
wouldn't it be better if we had a direct connection to the Internet?  Isn't
that the best way to host a Red Rover site?

This Thursday (tomorrow), I will present "Passport to Knowledge" and "Live
>From Mars" to the faculty on my campus.  Our district Tech Coordinator will
be in attendance (hopefully), and together we will present the same
information to the School Board next month.  I'm going to throw in info
about the Red Rover project in the hopes it will provide a basis for a
direct connection to the Internet for our campus, if not the entire district.

I'm really impressed by everyone's level of enthusiasm and commitment to LFM
and Passport to Knowledge.  Doen't anyone sleep???  Give animated teachers a
medium to communicate and then STAND BACK to watch the fireworks.

Wish me luck.  
Chris Rowan                   
"I'm not much for sports.  I get a headache
putting my socks on."        Michael Caine