The Moon

From: "Fran O'RourkeHartman" <>
Subject: The Moon
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 11:29:00 -0500 (CDT)

Hello Everyone,
	I've been so b usy trying to get funding and it's grant time, I 
haven't been very active in the discussion groups. But want to say, WOW 
what great ideas you all have.
	Our school held open house on Thursday, what a way to get 
everyone out viewing the moon. The sky was clear and the events were 
fantastic!!  No stars to count,as we were to near the city lights. 8-(
but the color of the monn was so beautiful.  We had over 2000 people for 
the events and everyone wowed.
	I am going to the Pathfinder Launch in Dec. thanks to the 
university of Washington.  YEAH!  But more importantly I'd like to share 
with you how this happened because I think some of you could do the same. 
Like all of you I have been very active in the community and always write 
those thank yous, etc... share what the kids have done etc.. Well, as I 
was looking for funding for the launch and another field trip to NASA, I 
decided what the heck I'll just ask, and to my surprise they  said YES> I 
was in shock and still am.  Lesson here, they can only say no so try. 
Local businessman in our community paid for the Pathfinder field trip 
last year, and in return I gave talks to the community leaders, so I do 
have to pay back in some way, but (it's alot easier than writing the 
grants, that take so long.)
 Good luck to all of you as you summit your grants. Hope this helps.

I'm working with local TV channel 4 to do a Pathfinder segment (my kids 
host the program, along with JPL people) I'll let you know if we pull 
this one off.

Fran O'RourkeHartman