Re: lunar eclipse

From: lindgren@MEOL.MASS.EDU (Charles F. Lindgren)
Subject: Re: lunar eclipse
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 07:54:47 +0100

Oh but Barbara the things you have there every day that we only dream
about! And you did have that magnificent solar eclipse in 91. Listen, would
you be interested in doing a climate study with my kids? I belong to
something called the Transformations Project which has kids from 36 states
talking to one another. I have a huge climate project going where kids from
different locations post their monthly weather data on our web site and we
respond to it. Hawaii is not one of our Transformations sites and at least
five kids have picked that as a state. If you're interested visit us at

and give it a try.

I was also given permission by the Transformations people to open this up
to anyone, so if anyone else is interested feel free to contact me.


Charlie Lindgren