A lively time was had by all

From: calderone@sysnet.net (Susan Hurstcalderone)
Subject: A lively time was had by all
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 1996 04:43:50 -0400

Hello All,
        Here in the Washington, D.C./Maryland area, the sky was thick with
clouds Thursday evening.  We had 168 6th-7th-8th graders over the northwest
quadrant of the city and across the line in Maryland out gazing at the sky
in hopes of a break. In fact, some members of one 8th grade class met in my
backyard for the viewing.  [My own middle school children were a little
amazed that students would want to go to their teacher's home for anything.
However, curiosity finally did bring my daughters out to join my students
for the viewing.]  A little popcorn, a lot of squeals and laughter, and a
short opening in the sky provided all the entertainment we needed.
        Although not what we hoped for, a break in the skies did occur from
9:30-10:05.  As the clouds moved in and out, there was just enough time to
see the partial phase of the eclipse, Saturn, and a "few" stars.  [I'll
post results as soon as all is tabulated.]  The students were in awe....In
fact, one commented that she didn't "realize so much was going on above her
head."  No comment about what was going inside...
        I knew that, despite the uncooperating weather, it had been a
success when a student came to me after class Friday to say "Thank you--we
had a great time and I can't wait 'til 2000.  It better be clear!"  All I
can say is "Ditto".

Susan Hurstcalderone
Blessed Sacrament School
Washington, D.C.

at home in Chevy Chase, Maryland