Re: star count & eclipse

From: Renee Crawley <>
Subject: Re: star count & eclipse
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 23:47:11 -0500 (CDT)

Shall I apologize to most of you for the wonderful weather we had in 
Tucson, or are we forgiven???  We really love hearing about your nights 
experiences even if you couldn't see the moon or count the stars.  
We had a great time with our approximately 50 children and parents (ages 
3 1/2 to adult).  During totality, we went on the Internet for our 
children to see some of what you can do, and read the e mail 
comments aobut the Eclipse PArties.  Children and especially the 
parents were wowed and dazzled with what was happening across our 
country!  Don't feel too bad, our star counts were low because it 
was too early and light to see many.  I hope to get the count on 
Sunday...We're off to Phoenix to set up our presentations for the 
National Teachers Training Institute in Nov. Sorry again we had 
great weather! Renee, Michael, 3B and Ted E.---------- Renee Crawley