Re: Cloudy skies

From: Laura Bashlor <>
Subject: Re: Cloudy skies
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 17:45:56 -0400

Cindy and family,

> As we headed back to our car, we spotted a majestic stag gazing up at
> the clouds.  In a small voice, my three year old whispered "Grandmother
> Moon must be pleased".
> Thanks guys, for the great stories!  You can bet I will share your
> adventures with them.
> Looking forward to the next one in 2000!

What a chill your remark gave me!  I am still typing with goosebumps.

Your children would no doubt love "Thirteen Moons on Old Turtles Back". 
It is a beautifully illustrated collection of stories about each of the
year's 13 traditional Native American moons (as opposed to the 12
months).  This continent is known as "Turtle Island" by the Natives who
relate the creation story of a spirit turtle rising out of the ocean
with our North and South American contenents on its back.  They say that
all turtles have 13 sections to the shell just as a year is made up of
13 moons.

The book would probably be of interest to a wide variety of ages such as
those in your family.

How lucky they are to have a mother who can and will share such
wonderful moments with them.

Laura (MI)