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Project: Partners for Space Shuttle Simulation

Date:  September 16-21, 1996

Purpose:  Perform a Space Shuttle Simulation - Seeking partners for Mission

Subjects:  Space Science

Grade Level:  All grade levels.

Summary:  St. Peter's School is an English speaking school in the suburbs of
Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. We have participated in space realted
educational activities like teh First Intercative Trip to Mars and a group
of our students have won the 1996 Space Settlement Design Competition
sponsored by NASA Ames.
Together with our students, we have built a Space Shuttle Simulator that we
will use during our Space Week from September 16 to September 21. We are
looking for schools from all grade levels to participate as Mission Control
in our simulations.

Number of participants:  1 or 2 schools for each grade level. Details to be

Project Coordinator:  Gabriel Rshaid and Victor Capeluto,
                        grshaid@datamar.com.ar, sanpedro@datamar.com.ar
                        St.Peter's School
                        Pacheco 715 - 1640 MARTINEZ (Bs.As.)

How to register:  Email the above addresses.

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