Eclipse party and blackeye peas

Subject: Eclipse party and blackeye peas
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 17:56:30, -0500

-- [ From: Rhonda Toon * EMC.Ver #2.5.1 ] --

Hi all,
	Just wanted you to know I'm jealous of all the eclipse activity!  We
had to pick up a student visitor from Mexico City at airport so I
couldn't schedule an eclipse event.  We watched parts of the event from
the parking lot of a restaurant that dishes up Southern food.  In
between sharing our amazement of the natural wonder we were explaining
things like blackeye peas, red eye gravy, grits, and sweet tea.....(not
necessarily served all together). (-:

	Thanks Charlotte for sharing info about Atlanta Astronomy Club speakers
	I am in process of planning a simulated launch on our school's mock
shuttle (an old school bus painted white with nose cone and wings) to a
nearby research forest.  It is a Mission to Planet Earth-type event with
enviornmental science investigation.  I am trying to build in some
remote sensing activities in anticipation of Mars event.  I have third
graders this year so I am looking for some activities that could be done
outdoors with young children.  If anyone has any thoughts I'd appreciate
hearing them.  We will be using HAM radio communications back to our
Mission Control (my sister's classroom of 5th graders).

	We are conducting ground truthing for GLOBE program reporting basic
weather data daily.  My aim is to build on what kids are learning about
data collection through this program to expand to space program's data
collection of planets, etc. as we look toward Mars.

	Thanks, Rhonda Toon