famous faces

From: Charlotte Stevens <cstevens@trms.k12.fulton.ga.net>
Subject: famous faces
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 15:01:03 -29900

I picked up a copy of the Atlanta Astronomy Club's  newsletter when they 
were out at my school last night and I was reading about their plans for 
future meetings and I saw a name I recognized  - Marc Buie!  It took me a 
minute to realize that he was the planet advocate for Pluto in Live from 
the Hubble Space Telescope electronic field trip from last spring!  
Anybody in the Atlanta area should plan to hear him speak at the November 
meeting  of this club down at Emory University.  For more information 
check the Club's homepage:
The January meeting features Alex Hale and Tom Bopp (comet Hale-Bopp).

Charlotte Stevens
8th grade teacher
Taylor Road Middle School
Alpharetta, Georgia USA