From: (Janet K. and James R. Cook)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 00:28:01 -0700

Dear Jeremy, I want this when you get it!!!!

Check out this great new product.  Now you can use your real computer 
at home and take it to school to use on their Macs!  Hope it works!  
Has anyone checked out the free CompuServe deal at 1(800)9GETWOW?  I 
hear it's only for PCs.  jkcook

09:02 AM ET 09/26/96

            Syncronys Launches MacAccess2; `Now Your PC Speaks Mac'

    MacAccess2 Features Instant Mac Compatibility For Removable Media 
And An
                          Extensive List Of File Types

     CULVER CITY, Calif. Sept. 26 /PRNewswire/  --  Syncronys Softcorp
 (OTC: SYCR) today announced it has launched MacAccess2, a PC utility 
software program which allows a PC to mount, and then read, write and 
format Mac-floppy disks and a variety of Mac removable media such as 
the popular Iomega Zip and Jaz drives.  The first shipments to 
distributors and catalog houses will commence Monday, September 30, and 
a free demo version is now available at
     MacAccess2 is an affordable software solution to bridge the Mac-PC 
chasm. It offers instant Mac compatibility under Windows 95, Windows 
3.1 and DOS  carries a highly competitive estimated street price of 
$29.95. Utilizing proprietary Syncronys technology, MacAccess2 enables 
a PC to format a disk from Mac to PC and back, and can translate more 
file types than ever before including long files names under Windows95.
     Rainer Poertner, Syncronys chief executive officer, said, 
"MacAccess2 is the second of several new products we are introducing in 
the second half of 1996 to rapidly build Syncronys' earnings power by 
meeting the needs of the technology marketplace with powerful, cost 
effective software solutions. Consumers will find MacAccess2 a 
versatile program that bridges the communications barrier between the 
PC and Mac operating systems through a wide universe of files types and 
removable media.
     "The graphic design market, for instance, is predominantly 
MacIntosh based yet serves a corporate clientele which is predominantly 
PC based.  With MacAccess2, the corporate client can insert a 
Mac-formatted Zip cartridge and read and edit the file directly on the 
PC," Poertner added.
     Headquartered in Culver City, California, Syncronys Softcorp is a 
leading developer of PC and Mac memory enhancement and performance 
software. Syncronys maintains a home page at