Star Count from Brownsville, Texas (pre-eclipse)

From: (Rowan, Chris)
Subject: Star Count from Brownsville, Texas (pre-eclipse)
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 11:43:09 -0800

Hello everyone,

These are the results of our star count conducted Wednesday, September 25.
All 24 of my students (YIPPEE!) actually did their homework and went outside
their homes to count the number of stars they could see.  They used their
fancy "star counters" (otherwise known as toilet paper rolls) to count stars
from 3 different elevations at each of the four cardinal directions (N, S,
E, and W).

We compiled the results this morning and used a spreadsheet to calculate the
average.  Here are our results:

----------3/4 up----------1/2 up-----------1/3 up----------Total


Total----10.32----------11.6--------------9.08------------31 <-----grand total

We will perform another star count during the eclipse.


Chris and 24 screaming 5th graders