Take a Left at Venus and a right at Mercury!!

From: Dave Grott <dgrott@mhv.net>
Subject: Take a Left at Venus and a right at Mercury!!
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 17:31:23 -0400

Hello Discuss Group..
Here I sit a veteran of implementing telecommunication in the class for =
more years than I care to remeber humbled and beaten by an upper case D =
& G.. yup, way back when I originally found my isp that is the way I =
signed up.  When they changed the mail software this weekend it did not =
like that combo... so, after being sick and out of school for two days, =
I come upon a mess with my email!  Now it is out there orbiting the sun!

Was thinking of Bonnie Bracey's eloquent pleas about those schools who =
do not have as I talked to my faculty on Monday.  Explained the whole =
project, even how nicely Geoff and crew accomocated teacher wishes =
regarding the christmas festivities... they think he walks on water =
now... hmmm, when next he pulls out that heat sensitive paper.. watch =
closely!  But...

Yes, the big but.  As I put it, will my school get cable tv before NASA =
lands on Mars?  The money is on NASA!  Let us not mention phone lines =
either!  We are the district that as part of the great wiring of the =
nation's schools.. they missed! =20

But, I know you can do it!  I explained that to them.  They remembered =
the award for the outhouse challenge from Antarctica, this is the same =
group producing this?  Wow!!

Then the comments:

Are you doing standards?  We are... yup, you guessed it, it is not in =
the standards.  What?  Mars!

We don't cover the solar system in our curriculum!

I did the National Geographic Kids Network and it was dumb.  (Can you =
imagine a teacher saying that?)

Well, this is an entirely different program etc, etc.  Principal is =
getting heated at this point.  Come on people, this guy was in =
Washington to get trained!  He is an incredible source of information, =
surely there is some way we can use him?   Silence.

Wait!  It is not all bad news and doom and gloom!!!  I found a phone =
line!  Well, okay, it is not an ISDN like someone has, but a phone line =
is a phone line and classes are mobile!  At least mine are!  Then I =
gound a 386 that I laid claim to!  Fastest machine in the building!  =
They are going to order a 28.8 modem!  There is hope on the horizon!

So, what do you do in this backwater? Well, first we will smart filter =
by hook of by crook. Have talked with my class of sixth graders about =
working for Mr. Seigel of NASA.  Oh yeah, no problem, is he cute?  Well =
Marc, how do I answer that?

I have started fossils in Science.  Am trying to frame in time the =
beginning of the universe and the planets and all that.  Have yet to =
figure out how to do the timeline on that one.  But, it will be combined =
with a time line of life on earth which will in turn be combined with a =
timeline of the history of man in Western Europe as we cover that in =
Social Studies.  We have already investigated the number zero and how =
important a number it is in measuring distance in space and the fact =
that it was the ancient Mesopotamians who gave it to us.  Slowly the big =
picture is forming!  Next trick is to connect all this to Antarctica!!  =
Penguins on the march I suppose...

Open house tonight, meet the teacher and all that.  No, no web access at =
school but a quick survey reveals that 75% of my class has it at home.  =
How handy... hey parents, can't do this at school but could you at home?

Fighting the good fight here in Millbrook, where I am making it fit into =
the curriculem and meet the standards and more importantly having a good =
time teaching!

Dave Grott

Onward to Mars!!