With hat in hand....

From: mkennedy@shentel.net (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: With hat in hand....
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 19:13:13 -0400

When I downloaded today's message I chuckled to myself with the granting
writing messages. How timely!!

This afternoon, I played hookey from a meeting and skipped my evening's
technology  class, so I could work on a local grant $500) funding for Red
Rover which is due Friday!! The  imaginative ideas that are inspired by
closing deadlines...

Right now, my goal is to be an Earth Site because our mode of operation is
MAC. But I am hoping to connect with other MAC users and we can do our own

I looked at the NASA Grant page on the web and could not find anything on
the Aerospace Education Foundation. Could you also tell me about the IA
Space Grant through public universities?

Isn't it amazing as teachers we often have to stand there hat in
hand....and then when that does not work, we are forced to dig into our own