writing grants addition

From: L*y Marske <lmarske@mtcnet.net>
Subject: writing grants addition
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 23:24:17 -0700

Charlotte and all interested,
  I forgot to send the copy of my grant that I wrote so I'll do that now.
Lucy Marske

by Lucy H. Marske
Sioux Center Middle School
Sioux Center, IA  51250

     As a 6th grade science teacher, I am participating in a "Live From 
Mars" project sponsored by PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE, NASA, NSF, the Jet Propulsion
Laboratory, and the Planetary Society.  It features interactive 
electronic field trips with hands on activities to enhance the learning.  This is an especially 
timely project since NASA is planning two major missions to Mars, The Mars Global 
Surveryor and the Mars Pathfinder.  My science classes will be a part of two live 
NASA TV broadcasts that will enable the students to interact with the scientists 
and project managers involved with the missions.  In addition to this I have, and 
plan to again this year, participated in a Mars Base Project created by Jim Christensen 
featuring a satellite downlink from scientists in Houston carried to participating 
ICN sites. They discuss Mars and  answer questions live.  Afterwards students plan 
and build a model of a Mars Base.  The bases are shared with participating classes 
from other ICN sites in IA.
     In addition to this project I would also like to participate in a 
project titled Red Rover Red Rover.  Students will design and build a model rover using Lego 
Dacta kits that can be "driven" remotely over a student designed and created 
model of a Mars landscape.  Using specially designed computer software,the internet, 
and the ICN the rovers can also be "driven" remotely from other sites.
     	Through a network of PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE "Live From Mars"
teacher advocates, I will be working collaboratively to provide my 
students with a project connecting them to other students in Iowa and in the country. 
     The schedule for this project follows:
	Sept. - Nov., 1996  		-   Mars research and a variety 
of related hands 
					on activities
	Nov. 19, 1996        		 -  1st "Live From Mars" 
broadcast via ICN
	Nov., 1996  	         		-  Launching of the Mars 
Global Surveyor
	Dec., 1996	        		 -  Launching of Mars 
	Dec. 1996 - April, 1997 	-  More Mars research and a 
variety of related 
					hands on activites
	April, 1997			- Culminating projects which 
include both the 
					Mars Base Project and the Red 
Rover Red 
					Rover Project.
	April 24, 1997		- 2nd "Live From Mars" broadcast via ICN
	May, 1997			- Sharing the projects with the 
	July 4, 1997			- Mars Pathfinder lands on Mars
					-  Sharing the Mars Base and Red 
Rover Red 
					Rover projects with the community
	Future years			-  I will continue to use the 
equipment for future 

     As an evaluation, I will develop a rubric listing the criteria for 
success and a rating scale to show the measure of success.  Since the students will be 
working in groups, evaluation of their collaborative efforts will be included.  They 
will also be presenting the project to other students, as well as to members of the
community,and this too will be part of the rubric for evaluation.  In 
addition a survey will be developed for other students and members of the community to 
evaluate the project and its impact on them.
     The purposes of this project are several.  A main purpose is to make 
students and the community aware of the Mars missions, especially the Mars 
Pathfinder, which will employ a remotely controlled rover, the Sojourner.  The 
project also gives students opportunity to apply knowledge they have researched.  
Through this project they will also learn about the solar system, Mars relationship in 
it, why we might be interested in Mars, especially in the future, and they will 
learn the application of technology in a very real medium.  As a further benefit or 
purpose, students will have the opportunity for a global experience by meeting and 
working with students from other parts of Iowa and the country. 
     In order to make this a successful endeavor I am requesting funding 
for the following equipment:
	Materials from Lego Industries:
		Control Kit		              $700		
		Cables, extra motor		  $100
	Mars Site Kit for Red Rover              $500
	Mars landscape materials		  $200
	TOTAL				$1500

     I am applying for grants from a variety of resources including the 
Aerospace Grants ($250), Eisenhower Funds ($500-$700), and the Iowa Space Grant
Consortium ($500-$700).  My school, Sioux Center Middle School, will 
provide the computer and internet access.
     As a PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE teacher advocate I have agreed to inform
others of the project and how to participate .  I could fulfill this 
responsibility ,as well as the responsibility for sharing the curriculum for the project, if I am 
granted the maximum funding for the Red Rover Red Rover project.
     Thank you for your consideration.

						Respectfully submitted,

						Lucy H. Marske