Re: Red Rover - Mac vs. PC

Subject: Re: Red Rover - Mac vs. PC
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 00:44:30 -0400

I did do the Red Rover Project this past year.  We had to scrounge around for
a PC - we finally ended up finding an older 386 in the District office that
we could use.  The way the year worked out, we spent several months studying
Mars, building Rovers and then ultimately the Mars site.  Therefore, it
wasn't until around April that we were ready to go "on-line" with the rest of
the sites and "drive and be driven".  My suggestion would be to put out a
plea to the district to "borrow" a computer for a couple of months; perhaps a
generous parent would let the school borrow one (or even donate one - we have
a school newsletter where we would put such an announcement); lastly, perhaps
one could be rented for a couple of months at a minimal cost.  

As far as software is concerned, you need an internet provider and Netscape
2.0 or higher. (Many on-line services now let you download Netscape free, but
it is not too expensive to purchase).

If you had to stay within the Mac confines, you could still drive your own
rover and other sites' rovers as well (through Netscape), which is still alot
of fun.  The only thing you would be missing would be the ability to have
your rover driven by off-site locations.

I'll post tomorrow with the 800 number for Lego Dacta and some advice on
which parts I used.

Theresa Hall
Paradise Canyon Elementary School
La Canada, CA 91011