Re: Red Rover

Subject: Re: Red Rover
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 17:35:11 -0400

Red Rover *is* a collaborative effort between the Planetary Society and JPL.
 The program is run by the Planetary Society (for more info from them,
contact 818-793-5100 or email at  They provide the
membership, software, camera and educational material to participate in the
project.  Lego Dacta material is what is used to build the robotic rover.
 They can be reached at 800-527-8339 or on the web at

The Lego Dacta kits alone are used for constructing computer programmable
projects (elevators, moving vehicles, etc.).  The students use simply
programming to make the projects *do* what they want, using the motors, sound
and light elements, light and touch sensors, etc.  If this sounds
interesting, ask lego for the Technology, Science and Math Products catalog.

I am going to foward some mail that has gone back and forth recently on the
Red Rover project which will give you some idea of parts, cost, etc.  Please
email after you receive them to fill in the blanks on what you need to know.

Good luck!  Theresa Hall