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Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 17:22:13 -0400

For those of you who tried to read this email which I sent yesterday, I have
edited it for easier reading and sent it again.  The good thing about getting
your own mail back on the discuss list is that you can tell where word
processing and email are *not* the same.  Anyway, here is the same
information, but layed out in a more readable fashion.
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Subj:    Red Rover
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In response to your e-mail, it looks like you've got a good handle on what
you need.  To answer your questions.  The *Lego* starter kit has the 

Interface box  (this is the connector or intermediary between the motors on
the rover and the computer.)

Serial cable (this is what connects the interface box to the computer.  Make
sure you designate  PC when you order.  I have cables for  both Mac and PC,
because we started with Lego Dacta on our  Macs just for the programming part
of it before we ever heard of  Red Rover)

Software (this is the Lego Dacta software only which allows you to practice
with the programming, a good experience.  When you actually do Red Rover, you
do not use Lego programming, however.  Planetary Society has its own software
for that (included in their kit) kit #9702 (one kit included.  As I
mentioned, you need an additional motor for each rover, some extra gears,
large, and possibly even some extra regular red lego pieces.  I asked all my
kids to see if their families wanted to donate any old lego kits, parts, etc.
I put all these in an extra bin for everyone to pick from.)

Curriculum kit (included - this is for specifically Lego Dacta building
projects and programming - does not include instructions for the rover, but
is good practice to build one of the projects and practice programming)

Sounds like you might need one more motor (for the one in your starter kit),
so you have 2 for each kit.  Also, I plan to use big balloon tires this year
instead of the smaller tires offered by Lego Dacta.  I am getting the catalog
on that shortly from the regular Lego division and will let you know how to
order them.  You might want to save out $100 or so for extra parts like
gears, tires, and unexpected items.  Also, don't forget you will need some
funds for building the Mars site.  You might be able to use art supplies your
school currently has, or perhaps some creative parents can help with that.  I
purchased most of our supplies for the site and I believe it cost us about

One more note...in the early stages of your students projects, you will be
doing alot of "testing" of the rovers by hooking them up to the interface box
(there are special wires in the kit which hook up from the motors to the
interface box).  With one interface box, you will be needing to work out a
good sharing schedule during building time.  We had 3 interface boxes
because, like I mentioned, we were doing Lego Dacta projects before we did
Red Rover. However, these boxes are $227, so that puts a crimp on many
budgets.  In the end, you only need the one for Red Rover, but I just thought
I would mention it.

Anyway, bottom line is you sound like you are basically all set with your
list.  Just some extra $ for the tires, gears, etc. and maybe for the Mars
site art supplies.  Oh, there is a 6% shipping charge for regular shipping
from Lego, 10% for 2nd day air, but not tax unless you are in Connecticut.
 Regular shipping is very slow, sometimes 2-3 weeks - might want to keep that
in mind.

Please feel free to ask me any more questions.  I'm happy to help with the
next step after you get your supplies.