Re: lego dacta

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: Re: lego dacta
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 15:14:03 -0400

Dear Red Rover Enthusiasts,

Like David, I too was so excited about doing the Red Rover project.  For
the past two weeks I have been emailing and calling various administrators
(the ones with the Eisenhower funds) and other "higher ups" describing the
LFM and Red Rover projects. And in between my lines it wasn't hard to spot
my not so subtle hints  for possible financial resources.....

but, as I began to delve into what was need to make this all happen, I
discovered a BIG stumbling block when I realized that the Hardware
requirements for the Rover project were for Windows and not Macs.  And as
Tim has already mentioned, this "requirement" elminates a lot of potential
"Mars sites" around the US.

Lego Dacta materials ARE available for the MAC, and you could build a Rover
for your classroom. But the project would in fact be only self-contained.

The next level,the Mars Site level requires Windows. It is on this level
that your students are able  to be connected through the Internet to be
controlled by other sites.

Tim..if enough of us Mac users called the Planetary Society, could they be
thus inspired to put it in first gear and write a program so we too can

Also in reading the blurb on the Mars site, it sounds like they also get
more "teaching materials." "The Mars site received educational material on
planetary exploration, engineering, robotics, communications, and
teleoperation. The sites receive control software that will aloow each site
to be controlled as well as giving each site the ability to control other

I really want to do this........

Marilyn K. Wall here in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Our county fair
is in full swing and our students are there each day proudly exhibiting
their livestock!

Red Rover site on www

P. S. As I remember Theresa Hall from California was involved in this! Can
you help us out Theresa????