RE: Serandipity

From: Laura Bashlor <>
Subject: RE: Serandipity
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 07:25:10 -0400

LFM Folk,

Sometimes the silver lining to the dark cloud shows up right away.

Friday I finally had time to get my precious 486 computer out from one
of the two locked storerooms connected to a neighboring classroom.  It
wasn't there!  I finally found it, NOT in the right room and NOT
carefully on the computer desk as I had left it...all set up and covered
with special plastic computer covers.  Instead, it was on the floor, all
cords removed and in a knot, mouse missing, and...MODEM GONE!

I went raging down to the principal (my friend, thankfully).  We tried
to figure out what had happened and I took my problem to the custodian,
who, of course, had NO idea why anyone would have been in those
storerooms.  Then I went to the new computer coordinator (who credits me
with fighting to get him in this position and getting his wife hired to
replace him). The result is that he is replacing the missing 2400 baud
modem with a 28,800 baud model.  What a difference THIS is going to

Hang in there, folks, and keep asking for what you want and need.  Every
time I look at that 486 PC connected to a phone line right in my room I
have to pinch myself.

Never give up and never give in!

Laura Bashlor (MI)