Re: Red Rover

From: Juanda Ismail <>
Subject: Re: Red Rover
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 20:44:04 +1000

At 01:52 30/08/96 -0400, wrote:
>Please feel free to ask me any more questions.  

Hi Theresa,

I 've just recently joined this list so I think I've missed out some of the
discussion on "Red Rover". Can you tell me whether "Red Rover" is a Lego
Dacta product that I can buy or is it a collborative effort to develop
something from existing Lego Dacta kits ?

I'm just about to jump on board with measurement and control technology and
hope to somehow link this with the Live from Mars project.

PS, how much does the Lego "Control Lab" kits cost in the US ? (The starter
kits are about $1300 here in Australia.)

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