Re: Mac Mars Site

From: Rose Galitzer <>
Subject: Re: Mac Mars Site
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 09:00:20 -0400 (EDT)

My situation is probably a little better than yours since we have 16 sets 
of Lego Dacta.  Since we want to get the whole school involved in the 
Live from Mars program, we will be running a contest for all 6th grade 
students to design a rover.  My computer applications classes will be 
divided into groups to design a rover from the Lego kits. Since there are
three classes we will probably have groups of four students to a group.
But I have been waiting for the material on the rover from the planetary 
society before we can think of starting.
Do you know why the telecast that is planned will not cover the launch 
of the pathfinder in December? That is the mission that seems to get the 
most positive reaction from teachers here and students also.

We have Macs in our building, and we are currently putting in an ethernet 
system, can we access the rover in our building and also access through 
the internet and the 386 we obtained? Will we need to set up two rovers 
in the area?

Take care for now, Rose.