Re: Internet Odyssey

From: Bruce Koenig <>
Subject: Re: Internet Odyssey
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 19:06:37 -0500 (CDT)

One of our 6th grade teachers is planning on participating in the Mars 
events here, as well.

On Sat, 24 Aug 1996 wrote:

> I haven't done anything with the Internet this year YET, but we've only been
> in school for a week.  I'm still going over class rules and such.  I'll need
> a few more weeks before the children will be ready to fly a simulation.  

While that may true now (so far), we are still very interested in 
'success stories' of internet use in the classroom.  What you've done in 
the past qualifies.

> We're going to conduct an overnight simulation on the days in which these
> spacecraft are launched.  I hope to involve many other space simulation
> enthusiasts throughout the Internet.  

Any chance the dates are such that we could have the benefits of one of 
your operations live here during Oct 27-29?  I know you need to have 
students involved hands-on but if it's not possible for you all to be 
here, maybe thru CUSeeMe?

> I'm VERY interested!  Perhaps we could arrange for some Internet
> interactivity with simulation enthusiasts here and abroad.  Wendy?
> Valentina?  Fred?  Are you listening?
> Seriously, thank you for considering me for your conference.  I would
> appreciate additional information.
I will forward this letter to the lady who is actually putting the 
publicity flyer together and I'll post a short 'application' that you can 
fill out and send to her over e-mail.  Right now, about all I have I 
could send you (for more information) is the flyer put out calling for 
volunteers.  I'd be glad to send that, however.  Do you have a FAX number?

The other coordinater is Cheryl Anderson.  her e-mail address is:

I'll be in touch.