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From: (Michael Deane)
Subject: space conference
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 21:56:38 -0500

For Immediate Release

Human Settlement, Commercial Business Key To Future of Space


Los Angeles- Aug. 19, 1996 - The Space Frontier Foundation announced today
an event presenting radical changes ahead in the development of space. The
Foundation will bring together businessmen, scientists, members of Congress,
astronauts and futurists at its fifth annual conference, to be held in
Hollywood, CA.  Scheduled for Oct. 19 - Oct. 20 at the Roosevelt Hotel,
conference themes include how America can achieve cheap access to space and
how innovative businesses such as space tourism can help establish the first
commercial hub for private citizens to live and work there.

Conference sessions include: progress of the first commercial
companies in space, how asteroids may be a viable natural resource, and how
to turn NASA's International Space Station into the heart of a commercial
center on the frontier.  Attending the conference will be such luminaries as:
Gemini/Apollo/Skylab astronaut Pete Conrad, head of Universal Space Lines;
Congressman George Brown (D-Colton), Ranking Minority Member of the the
House of Representatives' Science Committee; and Dr. Robert Zubrin, a
leading advocate for the exploration and settlement of Mars.

"The conference is designed to help change America's thinking that space
development is limited to government projects," said Rick N. Tumlinson,
president of the Space Frontier Foundation.  "We believe that the American
public is ready to visit, live and work in space, and that  cheap access to
space driven by free enterprise will be the ticket that opens the

The conference fees are: $55 till Sept. 5, $70 till Oct. 4, $90 thereafter,
with a one-day rate of $50. Student rates are available. For more
information on the conference, visit the Space Frontier Foundation
World-Wide-Web Site at, send email to, or call 1-800-78SPACE.

The Space Frontier Foundation is a grass-roots national space policy and
media organization made up of space and political professionals,
scientists, entrepreneurs and citizens of all types.  The Foundation calls
for a new space agenda that puts the people first, stresses free enterprise
and individual achievement over a single government program, works to save
the Earth's environment and sets out a path for the human settlement of

For More Information Contact:
Ben Muniz               Stephanie Graves
Conference Chair        Public Relations
805/581-2420            310/822-4669