swell and cute note

From: Marc Siegel - NASA K-12 IITA Program <marc@quest.arc.nasa.gov>
Subject: swell and cute note
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 04:40:14 -0700 (PDT)

Hello again,
It is always something, dang it.  I forgot to include the
previously sent note, to remind folks of the difference
between discuss-lfm and ptk-advocate.
So here it is.
Yours, Marc

Date: Fri, 2 Aug 1996 18:37:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: Marc Siegel - NASA K-12 IITA Program <marc@quest.arc.nasa.gov>
To: discuss-lfm@quest.arc.nasa.gov
Subject: a new maillist

Hello PTK-Advocates,
I'm writing to let you know about another Email list.
This one is called discuss-lfm and it is a place where
ya'll can share ideas about teaching with LFM, other
resources which might help, etc, etc.  Essentially discuss-lfm
is the place where 95% of the recent ptk-advocate traffic 
should go.  discuss-lfm will be open to all teachers interested in
connecting with other teachers (not just you special ptk-advocates).
I have taken the liberty to enroll all of the ptk-advocates in the
discuss-lfm list.

This will enable ptk-advocate to revert back to its original intent.
Namely, a place for ptk-advocate issues to be raised.  Things like
"I gave a presentation about PTK recently and I had a hard time
explaining the concept of a virtual Field Trip; can folks share their
experiences in communicating this idea".  Or messages from Jan saying
"we have a new set of slides which detail the collaborative activities;
if you want a copy for your next LFM workshop, please let me know".
So only PTK-advocate issues should go there.

OK, now its time for a simple evaluation instrument (I'm not patient
enough to use portfolios to test this concept):

If you want share a great new Mars Web site, you should send the
message to:
A) ptk-advocate
B) discuss-lfm
C) both ptk-advocate and discuss-lfm

The correct answer is B) 
OK.  Excellent. For those that picked A) or C), please call or write Jan or I
so we can help explain the difference.

BUT WAIT!  There's more.

The new discuss-lfm list provides additional options for those who are
feeling Email overloaded.  There is a digest version of the discuss-lfm 
list; this is called discuss-digest-lfm. This digest takes all of the 
messages which have been posted on the discuss-lfm list and rolls them
into one big message, mailed out once per day.

If you prefer the digest version, please do this:

Send an email to listmanager@quest.arc.nasa.gov
In the message body, write these two lines (without indents):
  unsubscribe discuss-lfm
  subscribe   discuss-digest-lfm
Then you'll be guaranteed to have only one message per day of scintilating
teacher-to-teacher excitement.

BUT WAIT!  There's still more.
If you prefer to keep up with the discuss-lfm list on the Web instead
of via you Email account, we are here to serve.  Point your browser to
This will let you read all of the discuss-lfm mesages on the Web rather
then in your mail box.  You can also easily see an archive of past messages
(the archive starts now; alas it doesn't go back in time).  If you do
plan to mainly read discuss-lfm on the Web, you might consider discontinuing
the Email feed.  TO do that, send a message to listmanager@quest.arc.nasa.gov
In the messaeg body, write these words: unsubscribe discuss-lfm

I hope this all makes sense; if not please write.  I am really impressed with 
the high level of sharing going on within this powerful group, and I hope 
these stpes don't diminish the energy at all.  I'm just trying to channel the
discussion into compartments so that the appropriate parts can be readily 
shared with an ever-growing community of electronic-field-trip-empowered
Your network pal, Marc