RE: LFM- list

From: Barbara Weimann <72437.2024@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: RE: LFM- list
Date: 19 Aug 96 09:55:47 EDT

Dear Laura,
I have not had any messages returned as undeliverable, but I DID send a message
to the list congratulating Marilyn on getting ISDN for her school, and I never
received my message back on the discuss list.  I don't know where it went.
Usually when I mail a message to the list I receive it as one of the list

Also, I received this message from you TWICE.  I'm receiving quite a few
duplicate messages. Received one from the Cooks three times.
Now, either something in wrong  or people are actually sending these messages
several times.  Let's see if you receive this on the list and if I receive it
back on the list.  BArb