Which new version of Netscape to d/l?

From: Barbara Weimann <72437.2024@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Which new version of Netscape to d/l?
Date: 19 Aug 96 11:48:38 EDT

Dear Laura,
I just visited the Netscape home to d/l the Netscape navigator gold, you
recommended.   I'm a bit confused.  there is a new published version of
Netscape 3, and several files available for d/l --- the two I'm deciding about
         Netscape Navigator 3.0 Standard plus components
         Netscape Navigator 3.0  Gold Beta 6 Standard

You said you have Netscape 3 Gold, but according to what I read, that is for
people who want to create their own web pages.  Supposedly it is the same as
the navigator 3, but with this webpage authoring capability.

Is that the one you feel I should get, the one you have?  Have you been
creating your own web page with it?
(Anybody else use it for their web page?)

If I just get the Net Nav 3.0 Standard plus components    version,
will I get all the goodies for playing the animations, the shockwave, real
audio etc. etc.      OR   must I get the net nav  gold  Beta 6 standard
version to get all these delightful helper apps?
I just tried to view a demo of VRML and was sent to a plugin page which told me
I needed a plugin for  x-world/x-vrml.  They sent me to:
     VR Scout  by CHACO Communications.  I didn't get it since I thought it
might be in the new Netscape version I d/l.

I would kind of like to have my ESL class construct their own web page, but
have never done this before.   I ran the demo of the GOLD version.

They kept talking about  creating your own web page for the InTRAnet, not the
InTERnet.  Here comes a dumb question.  By Intranet do they mean a network
within a company?  Do they mean you can only use this gold webpage authoring
capability on a network  OR   is it for the INTERNET  also?

Have you used it?  Is it easier for a beginner like me, or should I try and
learn regular HTML for my first try, so I will have an idea of what something
like GOLD is doing if I ever use it?

My initial idea was that I should go ahead and get the GOLD Beta 6 standard
even if I don't want to author a web page right now, since it SAYS it has all
the features of the regular version 3.0   only with the addition to the webpage
authoring option.   Am I right about this?  Decisions, decisions.
As you can see, I'm electronically timid.   And why bother with all this extra
stuff if it's only for a company network anyway.

Gee, I kind of feel that if I don't learn how to create a web page, I'll become
electronically illiterate.

RE: my state of mind at the moment

I was just told that I'm getting a new Mexican student who is testing down in
the 2 and 3's on the CAT and is classified special ed. (This is high school.)
In addition she speaks very little English, almost  none.
I already have a couple boys who should be classified as learning disabled,
but they can't find a child study team to administer all the tests in the
students' languages, Farsi and Chinese. One boy is Arabic and one is from
mainland China. So if you take VERY learning disabled students and then throw
into the mix the fact that they can't speak English either, you can see that
I'm going to need the easiest way to do everything this coming year.  I keep
the 0 English and learning disabled ESL students almost all day within my other
classes, since there is no other place for them.
I'm not sure how many new students I'll be getting, but I know of one girl from
Peru who speaks no English. I knew about her in June. I'll get my new list when
I go back.

I WILL of course continue having my class participate in PTK and surf the web
etc. as I have been doing, so that my Intermediate ESL students can benefit.
But I'm also being kicked out of my room for two periods instead  of just one
this year.   AND  I'm going to have to teach all the health classes to my ESL
students since  the LOW ones won't be able to survive in an American health
class.  That means Sex Ed, First Aid, Driver's ED, and basic Health,   four
As I think about it all, I can feel myself getting a little "challenged."
Gee, If I can participate in PTK with the class I'm going to have, ANYBODY
should be able to do it.<BG>

I swear my technological endeavors with my class will NOT suffer. <BG>  This is
critical stuff IMHO.   Uh Oh!  this is getting long again.  So long for now.
I kind of got off track there,  I'm ventilating a bit so I don't get a
headache.  Thanks for listening.
I'll d/l my new Netscape version as soon as I  hear from you. Thanks in
PS.  I'm putting this on the discuss list as a test to see if I get it back.