It must be Christmas!!!

From: (Marilyn Kennedy)
Subject: It must be Christmas!!!
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 1996 15:10:18 -0400

Dear PTK enthusiasts,

:)   I am grinning from ear to ear and can hardly believe that this is
happening in my rural agricultural-based county!! In fact, this is the week
of our county fair and and the newspaper is filled with pictures of prize
livestock, gigantic produce, and tractor pulls and bull mania. This
morning's headlines were about this evening's performance of Billy Ray
Cyrus!! Our county is not exactly located in the silcon valley of

This past week I learned that our county in cooperation with GTE is in the
process of installing ISDN lines in our county's schools and better yet,
our school the ISDN lines are already up and running! Back in June when
school closed, this installation was just a proposal for the
future..something to happen in the next couple of years. But  apparently
the future is NOW!

I would like to think that my class's participation and involvement in last
year's LFS and LFH, and their awards and recognition because of their PTK
involvement was somehow influential in our school being selected as the
pilot school. So a big hug and thanks to all the Geoff, Jan, and everyone
involved with the PTK program. Also, Andrea Mc Curdy, a special thank you
for your efforts  in highlight our involvement with the Internet.

Friday morning installation was complete, and I was able to "try out" the
system out. WOW, I was just zipping along to those various www sites! It's
been a might journey from my first 300 baud modem to this!!!

As this schol year is about to begin there will be no more shuttling back
and forth from home to school my little 14.4 modem; the art deco
paper-clipped hung telephone wire down the  ceiling hall can be now
dismantled, and no more nasty looks/comments  from the fire marshals
because of computers in the halls. There will be no more trips to the
office asking them to "please turn on the modem."The superintendant canonce
again have his "emergency" line. And maybe now we will have the capability
to have audio conection with CUSeeMe with ISDN lines..yes, Roger ???

Since our school,JWE, is going to be the pilot school for this intiative, I
have already been asked if school board visitors and other officials could
come by my room and see how technology is integrated throughout the
curriculum. In fact, the theme for our school this year is  "JWE...Wired to
the World through Technology." One of my last year's students  created the
graphic and logo for our school's theme.

Anyway, I just had to share my excitement with the PTK Advocates!

re: Literature Connections

for your own interest .....maybe H.S. possibility???

One of my dear friends is reading Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" and
suggested that I might also enjoy this book, especially as to how it might
relate to this year's  "Live from Mars" theme with PTK.  I imagine many of
you have already read it!! Remember astronomy and space are brand new
(expanding) horizons for me. Tom Clancey Lillian Grafton ...NOT!

 This morning, the book arrived and I can't hardly wait to begin reading it.
 I glanced briefly through the pages, and  Sagan is readable and engaging
in his prose. The book looks fascinating, and there are lots of photographs
and artist's renderings of this world beyond. (yup, I still like pictures
in my books). According to the blurb on the back, Sagan traces our
exploration of space and  suggests that our survival in the future may
depend on our "wise use" of other worlds.

P.S. I have the paperback version, and it is beautiful. Actually, it is
more of a soft cover hardback than the usual tiny print paperbacks!!

re:Winds of Mars by H.M. Hoover isbn 0-525-45359-8
When ordering Sagan's book. I had also put in order for this book,
suggested earlier by Jan.  I am looking at it as a possible read-aloud for
my 4th graders. But I will have a better sense of its appropriatness  (for
4th grade )when I have finished the book. It looks great for middle school
and high school!

re:Willie Bea and the Time the Martians Landed by Virginia Hamilton

While perusing through the children's section of the bookstore, I found
this book. I picked up a copy but haven't read it yet. It looks  upper
elementary, though with Hamilton's dialect, I think it might have to be a
read aloud too!! But again, I have only glanced at it.

re: Odyssey Magazine Feb 1995 "Invaders from Space..Asteroids,Meteorites,
and Comets.

Good section and resources on Meterorites. and even an interview with Heidi
Hammel and her favorite comet! !!

Marilyn  K. Wall ... truly connected here in the Shenandoah Valley :)