Red Rover

From: Laura Bashlor <>
Subject: Red Rover
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 1996 09:19:23 -0400


Most of this discussion on the Red Rover activity/project seems to
center on the MAC and their problems.  I feel privileged to have a PC
486 with internet access in my classroom.  There are still problems with
the list of materials needed.  Is anyone involved in Red Rover with a PC
who has a list of materials and phone numbers or addresses?

As a side note, yesterday I was offered the position as
computer-coordinator for the Middle School.  At one time I would have
jumped at the chance, but not now.  I tried to explain how one project
could decide for me but I am sure my principal did not understand LFM
fully.  Armed with a memo similar to Lucy's I will try to make the
project more clear.  Hopefully, funding for the Legos, cam and software
can be found within the budget or hidden inside a grant.

Happy Roving, everybody!
Laura Bashlor (MI)