Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Spacecraft Data Sheet

Spacecraft Bus 598 kg
Fuel 388.3 kg
Science Payload 75.8 kg
Total (at Launch) 1,062.1 kg

Spacecraft Size
Body approximately 1.5 m square by 3 m high
Solar Panels extended, about 12 m tip-to-tip
Antenna and Boom HGA 1.5m dia. on 2m boom

Basic Attitude Control Design Three axis control system using reaction wheels and twelve 4.45N thrusters

Pointing Performance requirements
Stability 1 milliradian (for 0.5 second); 3 milliradians (for 12 seconds)
Control 10 milliradians
Knowledge 3 milliradians

Command Rate 12.5 commands per second (maximum)

Data Rate
Uplink 500 bits per second (maximum)
Downlink 85.3 kilobits per second (maximum)

Downlink Radio Frequency Power 26 watts

Solid State Recorders 3-gigabit capacity (total)

Solar Array 4 panels/ total output power 980 watts (maximum)