Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Questions and Answers about the Pathfinder Surface Operations and Actions on Mars

Continuing mission after winter

Ways to make stereo images

Data transfer to control room and Internet

Possible solution for MPF communications problem

Wind sock on Pathfinder

Accuracy of Pathfinder barometer

Cameras on Pathfinder seeing motion

Recording noise on Mars with MPF instruments

Amateurs receiving Pathfinders signals

Interrupted Mars to Earth communication

Reading amount of lander and rover battery power

Sun between Earth and Mars blocking communications

Solution to lander reset problem

Tilting lander solar panels for more energy

Using degradable material for air bags

Pathfinder wake-up songs

Halos in the atmosphere of Mars

Iron in soil causing magnetic interference

Frost or condensation on Pathfinder

Using accelerometers as seismic sensors

Recharging lander batteries

Parachute and backshell viewed from lander

Position detection for Pathfinder

Direct line-of-sight communication

Radiation detection

Distance to Viking site

Rover destinations

Improving communications

Will equipment make it through winter

Images of sun with protective solar filters

Color calibration targets

Time transmitting from Mars each day

Superconductivity on Pathfinder

Command delay

Earth visibility from landing site

How we know Pathfinder is really on Mars

Why Pathfinder isn't equipped with a microphone

Pathfinder battery usage at night

Protection from dust storms using petals

Pathfinder to Earth communication

Mission length and what happens when it's over

Pathfinder data transmission

Using wind as a power source

Back up plan for Mars Pathfinder

Instruments on Pathfinder

Duration of Pathfinder

Loss of communication with Pathfinder

Pathfinder to stay on Mars

Pathfinder discovering Martian resources

Dust covering solar panels