Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Questions and Answers about the Pathfinder Entry, Descent, and Landing

Guessing the landing site

Pathfinder airbag testing

G forces of martian or earth gravity

Maximum entry angle without heatshield failing

Landing date

Landing site accuracy

Airbag gases contaminating Mars

Bouncing landing site disturbances

Dropping transmitters over a large distance during descent

Where Pathfinder bounced

Finding exact location of landing site

G forces on Pathfinder's off-the-shelf parts

Airbag deflating problem and solution

Effect of Mars' gravity during landing

Bounce time

Rocks moved by Pathfinder when landing

Drag coefficient during landing

Viewing MPF landing with Hubble

Time for Delta II rocket to enter atmosphere

Overall landing process

Figuring out what goes wrong

Avoiding recontact with the heat shield or backshell

Lander not exactly vertical when falling

Solid rockets' effect on the lander

Alternate parachute designs

Pathfinder and airbags rolling due to wind

Pathfinder and airbags bouncing

Reason for landing at night

Advantages of petals and airbags over traditional landing gear

Why Pathfinder is not landing near "face" on Mars

Using a small parachute

Pathfinder getting tangled in its parachute

Airbags ripping on rocks

Selection of landing site

Airbag pressure and gases

MPF heat shields

How the lander opens upright

Details about air bag deployment and retraction

Parachute failure

Heat shield materials

Parachute development

How is the inflation of the airbags triggered

Rough surface at landing site

Airbag failure

Failure of landing on Mars

Landing site location

Schedule of events during the landing

Number of times Pathfinder bounced