Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Questions and Answers about Findings and Data from the Pathfinder Mission

Range of rock compositions

Two-toned rocks

Depth of craters near landing site

Amount of data from Pathfinder

Histograms on images

Raw APXS data

Barnacles on Barnacle Bill

Sedimentary rocks on Mars

Presence of carbon in soil

Exaggeration of terrian with 3D glasses

Mars soil homogeneity

Staining from water on Martian soil

Copyright of Pathfinder images

Stereo pairs and rangefinding for virtual landscape of Mars

More super resolution images

Andesitic rocks despite lack of plate tectonics

Ripple features and recent water activity

More erosion or deposition at landing site

Parallel lines in images of landing site

Ferric minerals missing from APXS soil results

Archeologists studying Martian rocks

Origin of Twin Peaks

Investigating Flat Top rocks

Flood velocity and twin peaks

Use of photos and information

A nearby gulley

Books about Mars missions

Rock texture due to weathering not composition

Implications of unexpected silicates

Improving 3d visualization with vertical stereo

Pictures missing parts

Flood caused by liquid other than water

When super panorama will be released

Distance rocks moved by floods

Determining density and composition of rocks

The Couch rock

Blue tint on Yogi

Boo boo rock location

Pathfinder temperature findings

Publication of APXS data

Evidence of rocks being water-worn

Size of APXS dataset

Data processing techniques

Super resolution images of Twin Peaks

Monster panorama photograph

Which rock is which

How to see matrix for debris flows

Flood caused by a comet

Pictures on Internet of Martian sunset

Ordering high resolution photos

Web information priority

Maximum hits on website

Rocks at landing site from flood or hydraulics

Sizes of rocks on Mars to scale

Press conference phone number

Lack of Pathfinder impact markings on surface

Distinguishing Mars rocks from meteorites

Image processing software

Color stereo images

Evidence for the flood on Mars

Image size and download time

Atmospheric model results

Clouds in the photos of the Martian sky

Different photos due to reflection or composition

Imager frames

Missing cell from the array of solar cells

Managing the JPL web server

Obtaining 3D glasses

Photos of the Martian moons

Oxidized surface dust

Flat Top rock erosion

Better way to name rocks

Public access to all mission data

Imbrication caused by flooding or a meteor impact

Imbrication caused by flooding or wind erosion

Barnacle Bill's origin

Composition of Barnicle Bill

Misaligned image mosaics

3D view of Mars on the Internet

Pictures from MPF on the Internet

Weather measurement and records

Color-enhanced photos from Pathfinder

Performance of Pathfinder camera in low-light conditions

Image quality

Real-time transmission of images to the public

Time of the first picture from the surface

Obtaining mission updates

Making your own panoramic images

Taking a picture of Earth from Mars