Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Questions and Answers about Native Life on Mars

Idea to look for life in Martian meteorites

Images of Martian meteorite

Discovery of Martian life affecting NASA

Life in underground water

Viking biology experiments and life

Chances of intelligent life forming

Where to find life in the solar system

Moon helping life develop on a planet

Research on Earth helping in search for Mars life

Life on Titan

Water a key element for life

Theory about Mars life causing water disappearance

Instruments to look for DNA and amino acids

Why isn't Pathfinder looking for life

Will we make contact with aliens

White patch on meteorite

Signs of past life on Mars' surface

Life in Mars' icecap

Why life was not suspected earlier in ALH8400

Non-water-based life forms on Mars

Martian lifeforms similar to underwater life forms on Earth

Will we ever know if the Mars meteorite contained life

Awakening life by terraforming

Life on Jupiter's moon

Knowing the meteorites are from Mars

Why look for life on Mars

Meteorites from moon

Similarities between Earth and Martian life

Evidence of plant life on Mars

History of search for life on Mars

Earth life starting from Martian meteorite

Gases from rock or meteorite

Who is Alan Hillis

Life existing with carbon dioxide atmosphere

Proof of life on Mars

Result of meteor impact

Earth life contaminating the Mars rock

Reaction if life is found

Large life on Mars

DNA on Mars

Life on Mars' surface today

Belief in Martian life

Proof of intelligent life

Where to look for life

Underground life on Mars

Organic compounds from Mars on Earth

How will rover find life