Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

General Questions and Answers about the Mars Missions

Use of mercury thermometers on Mars

Mass of fuel for a rocket to Mars

Next Mars mission

Rovers used on other planets

Patched conic method

Ways to land humans on Mars

Controlling restartable launcher stages

Effect of elements on Pathfinder and Viking landers

Difference between Viking and Pathfinder mission goals

Lifespan of Viking spacecraft

Interplanetary tracking software

Martian refueling base

Russian launch vehicle for Mars mission

Solar electric propulsion

Using Mars as base for future space exploration

Changes in future missions

Using helicopters for exploration

Valles Marineris landing

Faster spacecraft for future missions

Optical telecommunications

Probes sending radar through Mars

Future communication systems

Pathfinders to other planets

Why it would take longer for humans to get to Mars

Error correcting codes

Drilling core samples on future missions

Europa or Titan probe

Multi-craft carrier launch

Person in charge of Mars missions

Plan for future Mars probes

How spacecraft shape affects flight

Sending future probes to polar caps

Pathfinder complementing other missions

Piloted vs. robotic missions

Artificial gravity

Avoiding collisions with space junk

G forces during launch

Refining calculations based on relativity

Taking off from Mars

Why people are so interested in Mars

Fixing spacecraft given time delays

Number of spacecraft littering Mars

Hardest project difficulties

The total cost of Mars exploration

Operational costs of Mars missions

Launch process

Property rights on Mars

Path calculation

Mars budget

Space summit effects sample return

Returning Martian soil or rocks to Earth

Spacecraft failure

Delay in communicating with Mars

Reduced spending's effect on quality

Duration of journey to Mars

Effect of Mars 96 failure

Mars resources for us to use

Why going to Mars is important

Sending instructions to spacecraft