Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Questions and Answers about the Mars Sojourner Rover

Rover composition

Rover after mission is over

Rover total distance traveled

Tires instead of tracks on rover

Polluting Mars with chemicals

How long we will monitor rover

Area rover has covered

Malian mathematician

Expectations on the life span of rover

Rover cost

Why only one APXS analysis on each rock

Rover held in place during landing

Control commands to rover

APXS investigation under rocks

Quartz crystal monitor

Thermal control system

Looking for carbon in rocks with APXS

Patches to rover software

Whose idea to build rover

Maximum sojourner distance from lander

Rover navigating by images

Ramp choice for rover deployment

Driving rover back onto Pathfinder

Digital terrain modelling

Rocket exhaust contaminating APXS results

Why use so little computing power in rover

Rover modem specs

Rover communicating directly with Earth

Rover software design

Contaminated APXS

Rover climbing the twin peaks

Using rover to dig in the soil

Origin of Sojourner's name

Visiting Viking landing site with rover

Rover computer and sensors

Rover communications out of range

Rover speed

Tilting solar panels

Gust of wind flipping rover onto its back

Martian dust obscuring rover solar cells

Why not use a radioisotope as a power source

Why not use rechargeable batteries

Hazard detection system

Possible rover operations after its battery is depleted

Rover design changes for use on the moon

Rocker-bogie system design

Sojourner too slow in measurements

Sample storage on rover

Rover lights

Material for and size of rover wheels

Problems with rover getting out of Pathfinder

How does the rover get back to Pathfinder

U.S flag on rover

External rover problems

Ten hours to study one rock

Factors and personnel involved in designing the rover

Time required to make rover

Rover's actions after mission is complete

Life expectancy of rover

Sojourner communications failure

Information relay from Earth to the rover

Rover on ice caps

Testing Sojourner

Design corrections for Sojourner

Rover's travel distance and its effect on communications

Fixing internal rover problems

Soujourner's power source

Action plan for rover

Dimensions of Sojourner

Waterproof rover

Rover adapting to Martian climate

Weight of rover on Mars

Can rover get stuck

Command time delay from Earth to the rover

Why is the rover so small

Effects of dust storms on rover electronics

Remotely analyzing soil and rock samples

Why study one spot on Mars instead of many

Radiation source for APXS