Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Questions and Answers about NASA and space

For the most part, the Live From Mars project does not have the resources to answer general questions. We focus on questions about Mars and NASA's missions there. But a few general questions have been answered. Here they are:

Questions received each day

Sound in space

Naming of features on planets

Launch azimuth from different sites

NASA studying Earth

Free educational material from NASA

Pathfinder making money

Smart filtering for credits

October launches

Software ownership

Beginning of NASA

NASA lobbying for funding

Radiation hardening

What makes hydrazine the propellant of choice

Discovery program

Naming spacecraft

Effects of Pathfinder success on NASA budget

Past NASA missions on the Internet

Hardware flexibility

An interplanetary web domain

Updating frequency of NASA web pages

Corporate sponsorship of NASA

Science and religion

NASA-TV audio

Travelling at the speed of light

Could the space shuttle go to Mars

Deep Space Network tracking

Technicians in bunny suits

UTC and GMT time

Material used for spaceships

Spacesuit information

Other question and answer subjects

Satellite link for Live From Mars

Treaties regarding space exploration

NASA space centers spread over the country

Why not use nuclear fuel

Type of fuel used by the shuttle

NASA mailing list

Why they call it a bunny suit

Quantity of fluids used by the shuttle

Staying informed about missions

How is the space shuttle heated

Tenth planet

Life on Venus

Time it takes to get into space

Reason for long countdowns

Booster failure

Fate of external fuel tank

What can we learn from signal travel time

Rocket launch

Delta rocket weight

Composition of rocket fuel

Launching near wildlife